Awards and Certifications

  • 1st place Rainforest Alliance to the best green coffee.

logo-rainforest-150x150Farm: Shekinah (2005)

  • Cup of Excellence Award.

  Farm: Monte Sion (2006)

  • 2nd Place Best Bourbon Coffee in El Salvador.

  Farm: Monte Sion (2006)

  • Coffee Producer of the Year, for its innovation, technology and quality.


  • 1st Place Rainforest Alliance award for coffees in El Salvador.

logo-rainforest-150x150Farm: Monte Sion (2009)

  • 10th Place Rainforest Alliance award for coffee worldwide.

logo-rainforest-150x150Farm: Monte Sion (2009)

  • 3rd Place Rainforest Alliance quality award for sustainable coffees in  El Salvador

logo-rainforest-150x150 Farm: Monte Sion (2012)Seleccion cereza_opt