El Salvador is one of the most deforested countries in the world; therefore, its coffee forest plays an important role in the preservation of wild life, migrant bids and oxygen production.

In order to protect the environment our company takes particular care in the products it uses for its fertilization and plague control programs. Whenever possible organic products are used and are only combined with chemical products that are not hazardous to the environment.

Among some of the organic fertilizers that are used in our farms we can mention the pulp, pulp juice and cultured Californian worms bi-products. These products provide humic and fulvic acids to the soil and thus have a positive effect in production and quality of coffee.

As an organic plague control we use the NIM seed. This is a natural product that is transformed into a liquid substance, which repels with its smell insects away from the coffee trees. Tea leafs products are used as organic fungicides and finally Bamboo traps are distributed throughout the coffee forest as a way to control insects that could be harmful to the tree.

Insects, animals and plants are important to the environment. To protect them we make sure that no hunting is allowed in the farms and no chemicals that contaminate the environment are applied. If we are able to protect the environment we will diminish the causes of global warming that the world is facing.

A research study done by Rainforest Alliance between the years 2008 and 2010 in Monte Sion Estate farm confirmed that 37% of the birds in the farm were migrant birds that would not be able to reach their destination if there was no forest in that area. They could also identify some species living in our farms that were threatened or in danger of extinction.

Preservation of the environment is everyone´s job; we invite you to support those companies like us that are fighting for a green planet!!!


Café Monte Sión takes an active role in the progress of the communities where our farms reside. Through its nonprofit organization named Fundación MonteSión Nuevo Amanecer it has developed a program designed to provide proper health care to its workers and their families. Among the activities developed we can mention:

  • Medical Controls- medical campaigns are organized periodically throughout the year. Medical specialists such as eye doctors, dental doctors, gynecologists, cardiologists, internal medicine and neurologists, among others give people attention. Free medical assistance and medicines are provided.
  • Vitamin supplements- on a monthly basis vitamins and proteins are given to workers and their families. A special care is given to the elderly, children, infants and pregnant women.
  • Food supplies- Provision of food is given to promote a healthy balanced diet. Supplies include soy products, dry fruits, beans, rice and canned products. There are also lectures on the importance of hygiene at the time of preparing meals.
  • Housing
  1. Houses of those workers that live inside our farms have been built with bricks instead of mud, thus reducing health problems such as “chagas disease”.
  2. They have also been equipped with water tanks and water filters for their consumption.
  3. An ecological stove that uses very little wood and produces very little smoke has been installed for their food preparation. These stoves not only reduce the chance of getting pulmonary problems but also contribute to the preservation of the environment.
  4. Solar panels have been installed in those houses were electricity is unavailable. This allows less expense and reduces the chances of fire burns.
  • Clothing- Regularly every family is provided with clothing, footwear and other essentials.
  • Education
  1. Scholarships are available for those looking to pursue a technical degree or learn a new skill.
  2. Leadership programs are given once a year, workers are given lectures that will help them develop in their working skills such as teamwork, leadership, organization, etc.
  3. Financial Skills- Conferences on the importance of knowing how to handle personal finances are provided to the top management who are also in charge of counseling the rest of the workers.
  • Spiritual Lectures- We take this area very importantly and on a permanent basis we provide material that will help people have inner peace.

A percentage of Coffee Sales goes into Fundacion MonteSion Nuevo Amanecer. In addition we work with donations received by people, companies and buyers. Donation can be monetary or in the form of supplies such as medicines, clothing, equipment, food, etc. If you would like to become a part of this effort to promote social well-being please contact us at